Incredible WYSIWYG experience

Aldrumo takes advantage of Livewire's incredible responsiveness, combining it with TinyMCE and TailwindCSS to create a truly fantastic editing experience.

The whole page editing experience feels like a Single Page Application to the end user while using Livewire under the hood. A simple modal allows you to create a new page before loading into the full page modal editor.

The inline editor only appears when clicking into editable areas of the page meaning no nasty toolbars are left on the screen after editing.

Screenshot showing the WYSIWYG editor

Out the box Laravel / Livewire

Unlike other Laravel based Content Management Systems, Aldrumo uses Laravel / Livewire as is, out-of-the-box.

This means there are no surprises when using it, the folder structure is still the same, Blade templating engine is still default and Eloquent is still the go to for database connections.

This makes for a great developer experience as the Aldrumo way of doing things is the Laravel way. No need to learn anything extra about how it all works, it should all be familiar.

Screenshot of Pages template

The How, What, Why?

Why another CMS?

After a failed side project died, it felt wrong to let the fantastic WYSIWYG system for page editing die. With not many Content Management Systems offering a true WYSIWYG experience, it felt time to bring something new to the market and with the TALL Stack, this was made possible!

Why are there no extra features? 

Aldrumo has been built essentially as an MVP. The focus has been on getting a great editing experience with the WYSIWYG editor, as a result some features such as editing the page title or the URL are missing as well as other CMS features like extensions / menu management!

These will come eventually though!

Whats the plan / roadmap? 

Currently there is no set plan / roadmap. The main tasks in the short term are to improve the WYSIWYG experience as is and add some of the missing features before progressing onto other "Core" features for a CMS. A formal roadmap will be drawn up over the coming weeks!

How does it work? 

Aldrumo has been designed and built to work as packages included into your Laravel application via Composer. This leaves your App directory free and clear of Aldrumo files so you can build out other parts of your site without Aldrumo getting in the way.

It does also mean that with some minor editing of configs, Aldrumo should work with any existing Laravel 8 applications!

Aldrumo is still in Alpha stages but...

Check out the new TALL Stack CMS  now!

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